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Not all bad

So while I got sick and was unable to go back to Seattle as scheduled, this means I get to spend Mother's Day with my mom.

For the first time in five years.
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it's a beautiful day.

there's a house being redone, entirely, across from mine. (i live in part of a house i rent from someone and i call it an apartment, but i'm in a very suburban neighborhood).


usually when i leave for work in the morning, there's some loud, crazy, obnoxious music blasting from the workmen over there.

yesterday morning when i went outside, it was u2's 'beautiful day.'

u2 is my favorite band, and that song never fails to get me to smile.

didn't hurt that the biggest guy on that work crew was belting it at the top of his lungs, either. ;)
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Being full in terms of physical sensations - sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings - is to be full of worldly food; but being filled with the highest joy - which comes from a peaceful mind free from the disturbance of sense-object - is to be full of the food of the Dhamma.

Puppy love.

I just thought I would post here that I'm considering buying a six month old, wire haired, black and tan miniature dachshund named Pork Chop. I just got his picture today and I'm going to go meet him tomorrow. He is the cutest thing ever.
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No matter how down I am, LolCats make me smile. And that site makes me want to adopt a cat.

Other good things today-it was 72 degrees, sunny, with a light breeze. In other words, a PERFECT day weather wise.

Top that off with the fact that my husband had the day off too and it was perfect. We met my dad for his birthday lunch, and then went for a walk together and then went to Red Robin and had the best milkshakes ever (I swear I'm not getting kickbacks for saying that) with our dinner.
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That little reminder.

I forget these things sometimes.

The boss, me and two colleagues drove out to lunch today. We started to turn into a side lane when we were nearly t-boned (a word I picked up from Ali and Mila) by a car driving too fast on the second lane.

Thankfully, the other driver had good brakes because for 2 seconds, I was staring at the radiator grill and bumper of some BMW SUV out of the sedan window. If the other driver had not braked, the boss and I would have gotten hit. I wasn't wearing the seat belt because I was the back seat passenger.

so... yes, thank you
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Thank yous

I've been in a kind of bad mood because of the way I'm physically feeling, but when I finally got the internet to work at my mom's (which is a good thing in and of itself), I was surprised with this from my players at the game I mod.

It really made me feel good.